Pavement Life

GeoSolve Pavement Life Presentations

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Pavement Research Papers

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Presentations provided to the meeting to illustrate the concepts:

1. Update from earlier Transit Research Project on Performance Based Specifications - measurement of the modular ratios after compaction:

Powerpoint: ModularRatios2008


2. Update of presentation to Auckland Mechanistic Workshop, expanding on the pavement life prediction methodology:

Powerpoint: Pavelife2008 for AWT


Subsequent work: Extension of the pavement life prediction concepts for improved specification of Forward Works Programmes for pavement rehabiliation giving both the timing and defined treatment:

Powerpoint: Mechanistic Forward Work Programme

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Transit NZIHT 10th Annual Conference

Powerpoint: Pavement Performance Prediction

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REAAA LVR Workshop Queenstown

Quantifying Improvements to Pavement Life from Basecourse Stabilisation

"Before and After" Case Histories: Queenstown District

Powerpoint: REAAA LVR Workshop Queenstown


Drainage Asset Management Project: (Opus Research)

A tool under development to aid site inspections, using RAMM condition data supplemented with structural data.

Powerpoint: Drainage from Structural Testing


Queenstown Conference 2014

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