New Zealand Operations

We have a number permanent full-time teams testing in New Zealand which have been operating since 1990 and have been involved in collecting data of many different types including Heavy Pavements (Airports and Ports), Grid, Network and Project testing from all over New Zealand using Dynatest FWD machines.

Our field teams carry out validation of our FWDs, collect the pavement structural data with the FWDs and execute all the required traffic control. Our teams have had several years of experience with FWD data collection and are fully conversant with the practices needed for quality assurance with all forms of pavement.

We analyse our data out of our Cromwell office. Structural analyses are carried out using Austroads procedures giving both the raw and processed data in a standard spreadsheet. Complimentary viewing software is provided that allows rapid appreciation of the pavement performance and most appropriate means of rehabilitation. Recent advances with post-construction FWD appraisal, allow clients to check that recent new construction or rehabilitation will supply the intended design life.