ARRB Traffic Speed Deflectomer Presentation 2018

TSD Data applied to network asset management - An Informative Reality Check. Overview of TSD application on Forward Work Programme.

Status of Interpretation for State Highways

TSD interpretation for State Highways, including remaining life prediction forward work programmes for rehabilitation and localised structural maintenance.

NZ Transport Agency, Technical Advice Note

"This technical advice note details the methodology to convert the traffic speed deflectometer (TSD) data to the more familiar falling weight deflectometer (FWD) output, enabling any TSD data collected to be directly compared to any historically collected FWD dataset." (NZTA)

Report on Conversion of Dynamic TSD bowls

Application of TSD data in New Zealand for asset management and design. The purpose of this study is to establish a nationally consistent, readily updatable database, and to document procedures intended to make all TSD deflection data more useable.

Comparison of TSD/Multi-Speed Deflectometer

Overview of the TSD comparison with MSD.

Case history: Reality check for TSD/FWD forecasting of pavement remaining life

RIMS forum presentation case study of Kaikoura bypass summary.


What do we do with the Traffic Speed Deflectometer results?