Deighton Total Infrastructure Management System

dTIMS (Deighton Total Infrastructure Management System) is an off-the-shelf software application which has been designed for multi-year programming of road works. It primarily enables a user to find the optimal set of maintenance strategies to apply to a network under a given set of constraints, usually cost.

dTIMS is typically used to prepare:

  • Estimates of the road network needs, in terms of improvements, rehabilitation and periodic maintenance;

  • Indicative medium term plans of given budget constraints, and

  • Annual programmes of major paving works.

 dTIMS is a completely modular and generic system developed to provide infrastructure managers with an add-on analysis component for their asset management system. dTIMS provides users with a mechanism for analyzing a variety of maintenance and rehabilitation treatments over a period of time and allows them to determine the most cost-effective treatments for a range of budget scenarios. More information about the dTIMS product can be found at the Deighton website.

A paper on pavement performance prediction, using dTIMS, can be downloaded here.