Mechanistic Design Workshops



In 2002 Professor Andrew Dawson from University of Nottingham (specialist in unbound granular pavements) ran an international workshop to point the way for future development of mechanistic methods for analysing and designing unbound granular pavement, (see details in 2002 heading below). The principles he outlined were state-of-the-art at the time but have stood the test of time, and have been followed by several NZ researchers since.

Every few years, a similar national workshop has been convened, open to all interested parties and the powerpoints prepared are presented below (sorted with most recent at the top).

Previous Seminars

FWDUG (USA User Group) previous presentations

Bruce Chappell
CIRCLY - What Modulus Values for Stress Dependent Materials


Mechanistic Design and Evaluation of Pavements 2008 Workshop

Foamed Bitumen Stabilisation of Pavements - Dave Alabaster and Alvaro Gonzalez

Rehabilitation using Foamed Bitumen - Paul Anderson

Foamed Bitumen Design Considerations - Allen Browne

Do You Believe Curvature? - Paul Anderson

Anomalies in FWD Back calculation - Gerhard van Blerk and Fritz Jooste

Flexural Life of Unbound Granular Pavements with Chip Seal Surfacings - Graham Salt

Critical Strains in Unbound Basecourse - Bryan Pidwerbesky

Pavement Deflection Measurements Using the Geobeam - Steven Anderson

Pavement Structural Life Determination - Dave Stevens

Assessment of Pavement Layer Quality using CUSUM Analysis - Gary Lin

Deflection Monitoring at Pukekohe Mega Centre - David Hutchison

Introduction - Future Challenges

Mechanistic Design and Evaluation of Pavements 2006 Workshop

NZ Supplement 2006 - Ross Peploe and David Alabaster

Austroads Adaptations - Martin Gribble

MET (ELMOD) Strain Criterion - Dave Stevens

Canterbury Accelerated Pavement Testing Indoor Facility - Dave Alabaster

Experience with Pavement Recycling on Volcanic Subgrades - Matthew Thrush

Mechanistic Design of Pavements on Weak Subgrades - Bruce Chappell

Mechanisic Design Parameters for NZ from Transit's Benchmark Sites - Graham Salt

Modulus of Stabilised Materials for the pavement design - Haran A.Moorthy

Pavement Design Reality Check - Thorsten Frobel

PSMC 005 - SH 016 Pavement Analysis - John Hallett

Prediction of LVR Pavement Response Using FWD Central Deflections - Dr Sabine Werkmeister, David Alabaster, Dr Bruce Steven

Impact of Poor Drainage on Pavement Life Case Study - SH20 - Ramiz Iskander

Performance Models For Foamed Bitumen Pavements - Alvaro Gonzalez, Dr Mofreh Saleh

Demonstrating Pavement Life: A Multi-Faceted Approach - David Hutchison

Performance of Multiple OGPA Layers - Riaan Theron, Wayne Furlong

Mechanistic Design and Evaluation of Pavements 2006 Workshop - Allen Browne

Foamed Bitumen Design - Thorston Frobel

Preventing Pre-mature Rutting - Dr Greg Arnold

Summary and Outcomes

Mechanistic Design and Evaluation of Pavements 2004 Workshop

Notes on CAPTIF Pavement Performance - University of Canterbury

Austroads in New Zealand - Martin Gribble

Pavement Notes, 1/12/2004 - Dr Greg Arnold

Road surface texture measurement using digital image processing and information theory, Interim Report - Dr. Bryan Pidwerbesky and Jeff Waters, Dr. Doug Gransberg and Dr. Roman Stemprok

Thoughts on Fig. 8.4 - John Patrick

Austroads Pavement Design - Dr Bryan Pidwerbesky

Pavement Design Presentation - Dr. Mofreh F. Saleh

Modified Bases/SB - Ross Peploe

Anisotropic moduli - Graham Salt

Pavement Design Notes 1/12/2004

Technical Review of Poplar Lane Aggregate

Mechanistic Design and Evaluation of Pavements 2002  International Workshop

Convened by Andrew Dawson (Associate Professor, Nottingham University, Faculty of Engineering)

Briefing Paper Summary as Powerpoint - Briefing Paper Summary

Outcomes Paper

CSIR - Mechanistic-Empirical Design of Chip Design of Chip-sealed Roads in SA

Mike Mundy - Key Aspects of Mechanistic Design for Thin Sealed Pavements

Dr. Vincent Janoo - Base Course Deformation & Subgrade Failure Criterion

NZ Institute of Surveyors

Graham Salt
Unbound Granular Pavement Design